Having been stuck in the house for over a week now, to say that cabin fever has struck would be something of an understatement. Given that I'm still supposed to be contagious, I was very lucky to have been paid a visit today by my parents. The Frenchman was happy, because he got a few extra precious hours of work done in his shed, The boy was happy to have had some special grandparent attention lavished on him and presents, and I was happy, not only to see some actual real life people, but also because I was fortunate to have been loaned some books from my Mum's vast library of sewing books. I'm not even sure whether I'd even actually opened this book before I'd placed an order on amazon for this ..

I cannot wait to sit down and digest the contents of this. I'm only a few pages in, and have already learnt so much.

Yay for Mum and Dad.

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