My name's Emma, and I'm a stationery addict.

Is it odd that I like stationery? I mean really like stationery?!

Back in the day, going back to school in September (or for that matter, after Christmas, Easter, half term, or sometimes even the weekend) seemed to be a perfectly good excuse for a new pencil case.... and the odd pen or two... perhaps even a new bag if the parents were feeling particularly generous. I imagine for most people, if it ever existed in the first place, this obsession passes at about the same time puberty hits. But not I. I particularly mourned the closing of our nearby Borders store, as it would mean no more Paperchase visits. When I decided it'd be a good idea to get a jotter to take with me to my forthcoming visit here, strictly speaking, I probably didn't need one of these

I could have bought one from the supermarket. I could even have found myself a perfectly adequate specimen from the stationery cabinet at work (although strictly speaking, that would be stealing, meaning I could not possibly have done such a thing) But would I have had such a beautiful book for capturing ideas? definitely not. And to me that's important. Nor would I have had a nice new bookmark

Oh, and Orla was ever so nice, and also sent me a sample of her perfume.. because I'm sure it was she who packed my order after all. And just in case another of my obsessions hadn't passed unnoticed, for my next session, I will be confessing to an Orla Kiely habit.

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