living without spots

Life is getting back to normal again around here... yesterday was my first day back at work, which left me feeling completely couldn't-move-out-of-the-chair exhausted when I got home last night. Doing anything other than vegetating on the sofa then, was a bit unlikely. So work-in-progress wednesday went out of the window It doesn't look as if today will be much better either. I have therefore resigned myself to getting back on the craft wagon tomorrow, and for today here's a spot of someone else in the houses work instead...

I've been trying not to feel too disappointed that I still haven't made my elusive first sale on Folksy... I think I spent such a long time building myself up to getting things listed that I kind of just imagined that that would be the hard work over. Ha! I think that, combined with the dreaded spots has left me feeling a bit lacking on the creative front over the last few days. So I think perhaps it might be time to try and find a craft fair or car boot to potter about in at the weekend to try and give myself a bit of a boot up the backside! Fortunately I've also got this to look forward to in a few weekends time, as I think it'll just be a great opportunity to see lots of amazing creations and shops.... although hopefully it won't take that long for me to get back to work!

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