stitching away

After thoroughly digesting the book yesterday, it was time for a play today. I just had a bit of an experiment to see what worked best for me. It helped sooo much dropping the feed dog (which I hadn't even realised existed!)

After playing around with the darning foot and embroidery foot, and still finding it all a bit chuggy, I decided to be brave and give up, so these attempts were all completely freehand!

I've still got a bit of practising to do, and I haven't even tried appliquéing yet

but overall I was extremely pleased with my efforts for a first attempt, and just really enjoyed the process

This is all a bit of a journey for me ... the things I was expecting to enjoy about making my bus quilt turned out to be the bits I didn't like so much, and the embroidery that was almost an afterthought, was just amazing!

Now that I've found a technique that I enjoy, I'm conscious that I've got to try and find my own style rather than copying other people's work - the teacup was a direct copy from the book, but the rest is just me playing about, which I'm quite chuffed with!


  1. free embroidery is such fun isn't it! I prefer to use an embroidery foot, it also helps if you can reduce the pressure on the foot as well as lowering the feed dogs.

  2. Thanks for the advice - I'll try having a play with the pressure (although the mere thought of adjusting the pressure usually terrifies me!)