After saying I'd get back on form with my blogging, I've really failed miserably. It's not for want of trying; all of a sudden I'm finding it really difficult to write anything - I feel as if I've got out of practice and lost my voice. Today I thought back to when I first started to write this blog, and how it just seemed to help me to get on and write this thing, so that's what I thought I'd do today. But I haven't been working on anything lately. Well unless you count a bit of a furniture moving/house re-arranging frenzy that I had at the weekend, which I guess may be a bit of a nesting thing, but was actually driven by a run in between the Boy, a power drill (and not of the child toy variety) and one of my beloved yellow linen cushions in the sitting room (sigh). But rather than dwell on the sad loss, I decided to take the opportunity to have a little change around, which initially meant just changing the colour of the cushion covers, but somehow resulted in a full-scale re-organisation. What with all of that activity, I still haven't made the cushion covers which prompted the whole debacle in the first place, so here's a picture of a liberty suitcase instead. I love it.

Just saying

I'm back! Sorry for the break

I'm feeling woefully guilty of having neglected my poor blog and shops a little - well a lot really - over the past few months.

I'm pleased to be able to say that (for once) I have a pretty good excuse. All being well, baby number two will be arriving with us in August, and I've been suffering just a bit with the morning/afternoon/evening/nighttime sickness that comes hand in hand with this stage of pregnancy. Couple this with the raging insomnia that also hit me about 6 weeks ago, and you end up with the shell of a person that I've felt like for the past few months.

Consistently getting a maximum of 4 hours sleep, no doubt coupled with raging hormones, finally took it's toll last week, and led to me being signed off work by the doctor for a week, so that I can rest, relax and recuperate. Oh, and not run the risk of shouting at/bursting into tears on the next person who moans at me at work... something that I'm not entirely sure how I managed before I went off (although I can say with absolute certainty that I would have had the doctor not intervened!)

And slowly, slowly, I do seem to be feeling a bit more human again. I even mustered the enthusiasm to do a bit of sewing this morning, which is a first in a long time for me. Nothing too complicated, just these little felt flowers. I planned to turn them into a brooch, but I'm kinda liking the way the look against the linen when I photographed them, so perhaps I'll have a rethink!

Thanks for sticking with me during this quiet period, and I promise to try to resume with business as usual as soon as possible.