more stitching!

As my quarantine period draws to an end and I'm mostly feeling back to normal, preparations are in place to get back to work again tomorrow. I've made the most of the extra stitching time I've had - it's probably taken me much longer to get on with things and pick them up as my head has been a bit thick and fuggy, but overall it's still been a fantastic opportunity to slowly work my way through making a few bits and pieces. And following my initial attempts at machine embroidery yesterday, there's really been no stopping me! I'm still far from perfect.. but I think that for me, part of the attraction of this technique is that it isn't supposed to be perfect.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm hugely conscious of the fact that there are already lots of folk, far more talented than I, who have cornered the teacup/teacake/bunting thing, so I thought what better than to try a hand at some of my own designs. Determined to try a bit of machine appliqué, I had a try at the elephant from my safari stationery set. Cute no?!

The giraffe worked out pretty well too. I'm thinking these may have to be put to good use for some baby products in the shop

I then decided to have a bit of a play with dino from another of my stationery sets.

Which went so well, that I bit the bullet, and stitched him on to one of The Boys little plain t-shirts.

He's a tiny bit off-centre, because I was going to have him saying roar, but then chickened out at the last minute ... maybe writing can be a skill to master another day!

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  1. I haven't tried writing yet either! Love your designs so far :)