Work In Progress Wednesday

Work seems to be going a bit slowly again after the weekend. I guess that’s understandable when there are still those last annoying bits from our camping trip to be put away (you know the kind... they get moved all over the house, while everyone tries to decide where they actually came from in the first place) when I haven’t been moving random camping accoutrements around the house, I’ve not felt like doing much more than slumping in a chair.

I feel as if I’m caught in a bit of a vicious circle at the moment, in so much as I know I need to concentrate on publicity and marketing and I also feel as if I need to build up my stock levels...and I don’t know which of these two things I need to set to work on first. Add this to a bit of a gloomy feeling about not having any sales interest yet, and an even gloomier feeling about trying to fit all of the above around a full time job, and I guess it’s easy to see why I feel as if I’m getting nowhere quickly.

To focus myself on doing something, I’ve started work on a few onesies... as well as starting to think about designs for Halloween and (dare I say the C word) Christmas. And sitting down with my little sewing machine, all of a sudden, it doesn’t really seem quite so bad.

Sorry about the photos today.. I think my photography skills are a bit of a work in progress too!


  1. Oh no, I read your post I thought of being in exactly the same position a while back.

    I did what it sounds like you are doing! Muddled through basically, doing both marketing and creating a stock base at the same time, as well as looking after the boys. It was a lot easier once I had my basic 'range' worked out as I felt less stressed and knew what direction I was going in. The first year I made mostly things for friends over Christmas and last year was my first true shop year so I did special Christmas products and they sold very well. This time I have already designed my Christmas products and started making them a while back.

    Don't worry about lack of sales, it is very, very quiet right now, aim for the festive season as that's when things will pick up. I sold more in a few weeks last Nov/Dec than the rest of the year.


  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your thoughtful comments Beth. I really love reading your blog, and you have such a lovely and cohesive range of products that in a funny way I feel quite reassured to think that you might have felt like this once too.