Folksy Friday

I've been building up a collection of picture frames to hang in my hallway and landing for quite some time now. For the last I don't know how many weekends, I've promised and promised myself that I'll get some of them put up. They don't actually have any pictures in them yet you understand, I just figured that hanging up the frames would be the prompt that I need to choose the pictures to put in the frames ... humm, you can see where this is going; much procrastination, a pile of frames looking something like this...

and a picture in my minds eye that looks a little more like this...

It really does take quite some effort to be this spectacularly disorganised!

So the subject I've chosen for Folksy Friday is prints, in the hope that this may kick start me into action, where buying, then moving this pile of frames to inconvenient locations around the house (where I'm bound to get so annoyed at them that I'll hang them up ... ahem) has failed.

I do already have a couple of prints from this shop, but theres always room for a third

When I was expecting the Boy, I had ridiculously bad insomnia, which often resulted in me listening to radio 4 very late at night, and very early in the morning and often catching the shipping forecast. Somehow, puzzlingly, I remember those sleepless times fondly which is why I think I'm drawn to this print from Love From Penny Lane

I just love this print by Janice Long

As I have so many frames, I don't think it'd hurt to stray from the hallway a bit - I think this from Ruka Ruka print studio would look supercute in the Boys room

and finally, I think this teacup print from Miss Sammie Designs would look just perfect in my kitchen.

Right, I'm starting to feel go and find me a hammer and spirit level..oh and some pictures!

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  1. Great picks of prints! I love the idea of having disorganised prints too, just can't get on with it! X