Corners of my house

Generally speaking, I'm more of a junk shop, e-bay scourer, antique kinda gal than getting all brand new department store furniture, and I've been lucky enough to acquire some lovely old furniture along the way.

I've had this beautiful old nursing chair for a few years now, and I love the fact that I can remember playing on it in my great-grampy's flat, looking out over the Bristol channel, trying to slide down the curve of the chair. What fun! I can also remember a wicker lobster-pot he had which was used a foot stool that I used to climb into. I've no idea what happened to it, but I'd love to try and find another.. I suspect I wouldn't be able to fit my foot into one though, let alone my whole body! Anyway, I digress... I've been feeling a bit guilty lately that this chair is looking so sorry for itself (I do usually hide this mess under a blanket!)

Poor chair. So I was quite pleased when I had a sudden flash of inspiration yesterday, and wondered what this lovely liberty print might look like on it

it'll probably need to be lined with calico-type fabric first, but I think it would be just right - not too modern, but not too old-fashioned either. I was contemplating trying to cover this myself, but I'm erring on the side of taking it to an upholsterer to do the job properly - aside from anything else, time does not seem to be on my side very often these days! Teddy who is sitting on the chair in the first pic was my dads, as was this gorgeous push along dog

who is feeling a little fragile in his older years and on a temporary visit from the Boy's room, who I don't entirely trust not to pull the ears off!


  1. I love old furniture and objects, especially things with direct memories attached. Sadly I have to fight a little for them in our home as M directly hates my being 'attached', he sees them as cluttering up the place and something that has to be 'dragged' from home to home.

    Luckily, I win :) and we have a lot of my old bits and bobs dotted around.

    I think the chair would look lovely in that fabric and I LOVE the push along dog, super cute and never to be parted with.


  2. I think the old bits and bobs are what helps to make a house a home.

    As soon as I was expecting I knew the dog would be perfect for the nursery.. I just didn't think on a few months, to how well he'd stand up to being being cuddled by an over-enthusiastic boy! Ah well, it just means I get to toy-dog-sit for a while :) x

  3. I just love your blog - have signed up for more.

  4. What a lovely chair - it'll look great re-upholstered. My mum rescued an antique chair from a junk shop a few years ago and replaced the fabric, but I'm not sure I'd trust myself to do something like that. It's nice that you have happy memories associated with your chair too!