the wonders of technology

On the rare occasions that he isn't running around after the Boy, being the fantastic stay at home Daddy that he is, this is where the Frenchman disappears to do his work..

(i know, the lawn does need mowing)

This morning contact was made to the house from the shed via skype...

I wonder if he'll ever come out again?

As the Boy is napping, and I appear to be a shed widow I'll be making the most of having some time to myself. I've bought some ickle t-shirts to embroider and list in the shop soon. But I thought I might have a try at something for myself first. I've been thinking I might like one of these for a while..

Which you can buy here.. they had very similar ones last season, so it's not a new fancy either. Then I stumbled across the Saints and Pinners tutorial to make a yoyo necklace from these

Which actually (gasp) looks like something I might be able to do. And for a lot less than £39 at that!

PS. no, I haven't put up the picture frames

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