the plan

In my mind I can't quite reconcile dedicating our spare bedroom - where all of my crafting materials currently live - entirely to into a work room, so for now, my craft area is the dining room table. So every time I make something, I do quite a bit of travelling up and down the stairs to collect thread/scissor/material/bobbins/needles/ribbon/pins* (*delete as appropriate)

At work, I would label this behaviour inefficient or even waste. However, in my free time, I seem to find it a perfectly acceptable pursuit. Perhaps that isn't entirely true ... I might - occasionally - moan to the Frenchman about not having anywhere to work, as if the mere process of doing so may miraculously cause the house to grow an extra room or two (it doesn't work.. he might be clever, but I think miracles are slightly beyond even his capability).

So this week, there is a new plan, and it's called 'being organised'. tonight is cutting night, and the rest of the week, I will be not be walking up and down the stairs.. too often. I will be sewing.
Sorry for more bad pictures

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