I've been a busy bee

and listed not one but two t-shirts in my Folksy shop today.

First up, another bus-themed product. I do love them so (but only to look at you understand, waiting at bus stops is very pesky)

Secondly, branching out from buses, but sticking with the London Theme, a little Guard

As I hadn't tried one before, I had a bit of a play around on some calico first which I think I might make into an egg cosy

I've decided that Tees are a good option for me right now, as they're relatively quick for me to put together, which fits in with my hectic full time working Mummy lifestyle quite well!

Both of the T-shirts are available in the shop now, and can be made up in different sizes if required. I'm going to have another play around this evening and make up another dino tee to sell, and then I think I might go back to a bit of stationery for a few days.


  1. these are really sweet - well done!

  2. Thank you! I've posted a picture of my little boy today, and realised that he was wearing a pair of trousers that I made from your kidlet pants pattern, so I've put a link to your blog :)