Folksy Friday

In view of the fact that I am now becoming thoroughly fed up with my house-bound state, I have decided that todays post should dedicated to keeping calm;
First up, this print is from Hello Monkey. I am lucky enough to already own a few Hello Monkey prints, which I love. I also like to think that eating chocolate might help my measles

This mug can be found here... I think copious amounts of tea could help too

another lovely stamp from skull and cross buns

and finally this from the old lamp shade.

And as for me, I will now try to keep calm, and carry on being blotchy!


  1. I love them all! Thanks so much for showing my stamp, yours will be on it's way soon!

  2. Thank you for featuring me. Love your stuff! Happy Fridays! X

  3. Get well soon, love these picks!

  4. Get well soon honey-not sure about chocolate being the cure but someone should definately do research on the matter just for the sake of science, really! Thanks for featuring my lampshade, regards Zia from the Old lamp Shed

    1. Zia you are a thief - you still owe me £70 that I pad for lampshades that you never sent me.