The best laid plans..

Today I had a bit of a - thankfully metaphorical - stumble. I set myself a hugely ambitious (read:completely unachievable) target yesterday of what I would get done today. And somehow life got in the way ... as it often does when you have a 13 month old boy around .. and reminded me not to run before I can walk. I had planned to get a zillion items listed in my shop, without really thinking about how much work would be involved in creating an individual pack of products for 9 different stationery designs, and that was even before printing or photographing anything, which would be an issue in itself because of the gloomy horrible light we've had here today.

After becoming thoroughly disheartened by it all, I had a bit of a break, had a chat with The Frenchman, who pointed out that I actually ought to be pleased, and that having a lot of work to get on with today was the result of a very creative and successful day yesterday, then got back on with it...with a slightly more realistic expectation of what was achievable.

So, I'm a little bit further ahead now, not only in terms of my work, but also in ensuring that I set myself realistic goals in the future. So still no pics of my work in progress, but here is the yummy harvest from my garden this afternoon.. grown from little seedlings, and proof in question that things will take as long as they take to happen


gone..but I'll forgive those pudgy little wrists anything

Let's just hope there will be some left for dinner!

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