a tooth, a rucksack, and a missing strap

It's pretty safe to say that you're up a little earlier than you'd like to be on a Sunday Morning, when the children's tv programmes haven't even started. But that's the manner in which this household started the day today. The Boy has a cold and/or a tooth coming, and was definitely not his usual happy self, so large chunks of the day today were spent cuddling on the sofa. Which I guess is the only tiny positive of having a poorly creature, as Boy cuddles are often a rare and one-sided event (there are so many more interesting things to do after all) and should therefore be relished at every opportunity. Thankfully after a couple of long naps and some calpol, he'd picked up enough by the afternoon to go exploring with his new rucksack.

I bought this on Friday, in preparation for weekends away we have planned over the next month. Now that he is very mobile, I decided it would be a good idea to invest in one of these to avoid any running-off type accidents. We tested it walking around the shops, and despite some small protests, it seemed to be fairly well received . Then we got home and the strap was detached.

And has gone missing.

We have turned the whole house upside down. I'm not exaggerating when I say this, every nook and cranny has been explored, the front has even been taken off the piano. But no sign of it. Anywhere. Seriously, I'm starting to wonder if this boy is cunning enough to hide something he doesn't wholly approve of. Can you even be cunning when you're 13 months old?!

I'm hoping it'll turn up soon, preferably before I have to start searching bins. Meanwhile, he's set for adventures with his rucksack, which was clearly the acceptable half of the ensemble!

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