Lots of little Os

I had quite a successful day today. Not only did I manage to source some more materials for forthcoming twoforjoy projects, but I also picked up the two little gems in my picture (the boy is a little gem I made earlier) I've been looking at this Greg Lamarche canvas from Habitat for absolutely ages, but could never quite justify the £85 price tag. I'm sure that you can imagine my glee then, to stroll in today and find it reduced to a much more palatable £25. It didn't take long for me to make a grab for it and hot foot my way to the till, let me tell you! The little vintage shape stacker on the left was a £3 bargain I picked up at my local second hand shop. I just love it's battered and much-loved appearance.

The other exciting news for today (just in case you were getting the impression that I spend all of my time shopping), is that I have been working on a couple of new stationery designs, which I'm really really happy with and hope to finally be adding to my Folksy shop in the next few days. I'll keep you posted!

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