Folksy Friday

In a shameless copy - which, after all, is the greatest form of flattery - of the Folksy blog, I'm declaring today to be Folksy Friday. Here are a few things that are currently catching my beady little eye...

A medium I definitely intend to learn more about is screen printing. I went on a day long course a few years ago, and absolutely loved the process and my (albeit rather amateur) results. Looking, as I frequently do, at all the amazing prints that are available has inspired me to try and find a course in my area. In the mean time, I'm quite happy to continue perusing the offerings on Folksy, particularly Dee Beale's amazing prints.

The only thing that has stopped me from buying one of these lovely little chicks from Prince Design already, is trying to choose which design I like the most

Finally, I've been speaking to Emily at Skull and Cross Buns about customing a stamp with the twoforjoy logo for me to use on my paperwork. To keep with the bird theme in the mean time, here's a lovely little owl, who I'm also rather fond of!

I'm very excited to be visiting not one but two craft fairs tomorrow AND a vintage sale.. so I hope my next post will be looking at the goodies I've found. Clearly my interest is purely for research purposes you understand ... or that's what I like to tell the Frenchman anyway!


  1. Your beady little eye has good taste! These are beautiful findings ;-)

  2. lovely picks :) I've been eyeing up both of the other sellers' wares for quite some time and thanks for showing my barn owl!

    I'm looking forward to working on your custom stamp, it will work really well with your logo. Thanks for your custom!