sick note

I felt quite smug at the weekend, to be the only healthy member of the household, and put the fact that I was feeling fine while the male contingent of the household seemed to be struggling to fight off some kind of summer-coldey thing down to man flu. Clearly the mere fact that this thought crossed my mind, meant that it was inevitable that I would be struck down with the self-same bug, and realise the error of my ways. So here I am, day two on the sofa, thoroughly fed up of feeling rotten, wanting to do something (anything) but not having the energy or concentration. I have however been doing a bit of embroidery on the cot quilt I've been working on..

which is coming along quite nicely

still a bit of work to do yet... but I suspect that may need to wait until my brain is functioning slight better!

On a different note, I'm hugely excited that my bus party set is currently appearing in the Folksy Top Picks.


  1. hope you're better soon. My lot has been down too!

  2. Thank you so much. It's miserable being poorly in the summer isn't it?! At least it gives me lots of time to look at blogs ... on which note, I'm going to pop over and have a look at yours!