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As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the weekend visiting friends in Brighton, so decided to take yesterday and today off of work to spend time with my family. Yesterday I took the opportunity to visit a local fabric store, but was more than a little bit disappointed to leave empty handed. Is it just me, or does anyone else find the choice of fabric that can be available frustratingly limiting? Had I wanted chintzy patterns or playing cats printed all over it then I'd have been fine, but there did not seem to be anything available to cater for ... I guess younger tastes. I know that there are a wealth of on-line stores available (I've found Fabric rehab and Saints and Pinners both to be very good) but there is nothing like being able to see and touch the material before you buy.

Feeling that it would have been a shame to come home empty handed, I made a detour to ikea and picked up some linen blend fabric (I'm also having difficulty finding reasonably priced but good quality linen mixes)

I was also in luck, as it was the tail end of their sale, so I picked up some cream tin plates, being sold at the bargain price of 65p which I became very over-excited about, much to the bemusement of the Frenchman ("but they're white plates?!"). I love the matt finish of the paint and I just know that I'm going to wish I picked up a few more of them..

and finally this lovely little fellow, who seems to be enjoying sitting in the window ledge in my dining room...

Oooh, and I forgot to mention yesterday, but I've finished my quilt now, woo hoo! Now to bind!

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