It's been a while

It's been nearly two months now that I've been back at work, following a years maternity leave. We don't live very close to family or friends, so towards the end of the year I found myself craving some adult company and looking forward to switching my brain back on again. Two months in, and I absolutely know that this isn't how I want life to be any more. As well as feeling desperately detached from the Boys day to day life, my priorities and values have completely changed, and I find myself yearning to design and draw and stitch. With this in mind, I've treated myself..

I had a fantastic weekend meeting up with some old school friends in Brigton. During the 3 hour train journey, I had the rare opportunity to immerse myself in books, and have not only come out the other side thoroughly inspired, but also feeling that perhaps it's not such an impossibility after all...

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