work in progress

I've been working on a few more phone cover designs..

I am reliably informed that these fit iphones ... or I guess most smart phones for that matter (sadly I'm not an owner of one, so had to send the Frenchman to the shops to test display models for size!)

I am going to add these to my newly opened Etsy shop soon - there isn't much stock in there yet, but please do call in to have a look! Speaking of shops, if you hadn't noticed there is also a shop tab on my blog now, so you can also buy directly. I'll start building a small collection of stock in. If there's something that you'd like which isn't in there at the moment, please leave a comment to let me know! Sorry, I'm in danger of turning into a sales pitch here ... but that's only because I'm feeling a bit guiltily slack on the marketing front lately!

Right, off for some more work in progress... got a custom stationery order to get finished!

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