friday find

And oh my, what a find it is this Friday!

The Frenchman is away mountain biking and (rather insanely if you ask me) camping this weekend. As camping trip in November was something that I most definitely was not interested in participating in, the Boy and I are staying with my parents near Bristol. Mum and I had a little stroll to the local shops this afternoon; I always like to do this when we go to stay, as they are really quite spoilt when it comes to charity shops. And just look at what I found...

a beautiful beautiful sewing box. Which looks a little bit like a handbag.

I'm not quite sure what the wood is, and it needs a little bit of a clean-up but I love it!

Keep warm and dry and have a great weekend. I'm off to admire my sewing box...


  1. My sister's just moved to Bristol and the first thing we noticed were the charity shops - loads of them and full of gorgeous stuff!
    Thanks for the purse which arrived today, it's lovely :) Elli

  2. what a fabulous find. it's beautiful.
    warmest wishes