advent calendar

I had great ambitions of making the boy an advent calendar this year - one that we'd be able to bring out year after year. I had a plan of what I was going to make, bought all of the materials, but somehow found myself with two days to go, christmas orders to make up, and the realisation suddenly hit that it just wasn't going to happen this year. I wasn't quite prepared to completely admit defeat, so I've just downsized my plans a little... some brown paper and a stationery cupboard raid later I've come up with (I think) a pretty acceptable back-up plan

I don't know if he'll be able to resist raiding the parcels once he realises what the contents are, but I guess the beauty of throwing it together so quickly, is that I won't feel too precious about sticking everything up a bit higher with tape!

And I'll plan to start making next year's calendar in January!


  1. this is so cute :) i love advent calendars!

  2. This is a great idea and it looks lovely. We are lucky in that my German MIL makes a 'sock' calendar for the boys (made from mini hand knitted socks) which will definitely be a memory for the boys when they are older. I love that kind of thing. Bx