last year for Christmas one of the items on my wish list which santa decided to bring (I'm reliably informed that santa thought I already own too many) was one of these lovely tweed joules jackets

While deep down I knew that the Frenchman, I mean santa was probably right, I still kind of wanted one really. So earlier in the year I decided to have a go at making one myself. I thrifted a tweed jacket, for the princely sum of £4. I then took off all of the original buttons and replaced them with a mixture of vintage buttons from my stash, and a few blank buttons covered in Cath Kidston fabric. I liked this so much, that I added a few more elsewhere on the jacket for good measure. And here's the result...

Tah dah!

I haven't really worn it much (so maybe he might have just had a point) but yesterday when I woke up and threw open the wardrobe doors, I felt thoroughly uninspired by the navy, grey and black suits staring back at me (yes, I have one of those jobs) So I thought I'd have a change and give this a bit of an outing. I was absolutely astounded by the number of people who asked where I'd bought it. I'm almost tempted to try making a few more to sell!

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