a culinary vintage treat

I recently found a new ladybird book to add to the collection. I usually gravitate toward the older illustrated books, but this one really made me chuckle

It's jam-packed with pictures of bad jumpers, fab crockery

and such culinary delights as meatballs in oxtail soup, icecream made from dream topping and cheese and pineapple hedgehogs.

All made with lashings and lashings of food colouring and glace cherries (well, maybe not the meatballs).
Everything to prepare you for the perfect party...that's christmas preparations for me sorted!

There are also lots of culinary tips - I particularly like this one:


  1. Haha! I remember going crazy for this book as a child, it must be in my mum's loft, perhaps it should go on the shelf next to my Nigella and Jamie books :)

  2. I started this post thinking the book images looked vaguely familiar and by the last photos am in no doubt we had it. Oh scary and yet pleasant memories of attempting to cook for my Dad when we were kids....I feel old! :)