autumn leaves

I've been amazed by how beautiful the trees are looking this autumn. I don't know whether the trees are looking even more spectacular than normal, or if I'm just noticing more because I'm keeping an eye open for inspiration for the autumn leaves swap I'm taking part in. Anyway, when I saw this post on Lovely Design I decided the Boy and I would have our own little try at creating an autumn tree. We did some painting last Saturday afternoon, which I cut into leaf shapes, then earlier when we went to the park, we found a twig that looked kind of tree shaped (I guess all twigs look a bit tree shaped really, being that they're trees and all) anyway, I stuck the leaves on to our twig with some sticky tape and here are the results...

I really love it, and really love it as a way of displaying his artwork, which often is consigned to a drawer in his room ... in fact I think we'll do a spring and summer one too - not so sure what we'll do for winter apart from just a twig! Maybe make some snowflakes to hang on it.. although that might have to wait for a few years until the Boy can be entrusted with scissors.

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  1. I saw this on lovely design, and I think it's a great idea and so fun!