getting out of a rut

I've been finding it difficult to find anything to blog about lately. Our house has been one of colds, and chest infections, and lots of teething, and somehow in the mix, I just seem to have lost the enthusiasm to do anything creative really... which is just as well, because I wouldn't have had the time anyway.

However I had a bit of an on-line shopping (mini)spree yesterday (I say mini, as I was quite restrained ... really) for new fabrics and buttons and ribbon... I don't really have anything in particular lined up to make yet, but I'm really looking forward to arriving home from work to find some parcels waiting for me... and then working out what to make from them. Here's hoping for inspiration to strike again, for colds and infections to clear, and to never, ever, ever have another week when 5 teeth come through at once!

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