two little words that everyone wants to hear

I had a letter at the weekend, containing those two little words that everyone likes to hear...

tax rebate

Admittedly that's because I earned hardly anything last year because I was on maternity leave. But I'm not complaining. No siree.

I went out shopping. And I did not buy anything for the Boy, or the Frenchman, or the house. I treated myself to a lovely cardi.

Yes, I could have done that embellishment work myself. Quite easily now that I look at it.

But just sometimes, it's nice to have a treat.

By the way, I never did hear back from the original winner of my giveaway, so I decided to redraw.. and the new winner is Elli Moody - if you could pop your details to I'll pop it in the post for you


  1. Hello. I saw this exact cardie on Saturday and almost bought it. I may go back to get it like you. Instead, I bought this.

    Just found your blog tonight through Twitter. Nice to meet you....!


  2. Ooh, that's lovely too - I love those little teapots!

    Thanks for calling by - I'm just off to look at your blog!