friday find

I'm in the market to find a picture frame this weekend. That's because I recently bought this lovely print from cupcakes and cards on Folksy

I'm really not sure how I forgot to post about it before, because I completely love it!

I'm super-lucky to be having a long weekend off work - hooray! We don't have a huge amount planned; a birthday party tomorrow, and I'm also hoping maybe to get along to this, which looks pretty interesting (and if I do manage to make it, it'll be with a view to seeing if it's something I could do myself next year) aside from that, I think I'll be mainly trying to get a little bit of sewing done, trying to spend as much quality time together with my boys as possible, and generally just trying to keep warm! We're lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you feel about it) not to have been visited by the snow fairy here yet, but it's still super cold - brr!

Have a good weekend

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