A new corner

We took advantage of the wet weather on Sunday, by finally putting up some of the frames and shelves that I'd been stockpiling

When we decorated the Boys room before he arrived, we moved the doorway about 3 feet into the hallway (it was rather oddly coming off of the chimney breast into the room diagonally, if that makes sense?!). This did seem like quite a lot of work to only gain a tiny amount of space, but somehow the room felt a lot bigger by making this small change. The only disadvantage was that we were left with an awkward corner, that was a little bit too small to put any furniture into, but somehow felt a little empty. I decided to put up some ikea frame shelves to display some books, and I'm so pleased with how it looks

and more importantly, it's really encouraged the Boy to swipe a boy on the way past and sit down to have a read!

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