Work In Progress Wednesday

I'm reliably informed that Japanese artists doing machine free embroidery often use newspaper as a backing or fixing fabric. I don't know if it's my machine or my (lack of) technique, but sometimes, even though I've got the feed dogs dropped, and absolutely nothing stopping the fabric from moving through the machine, I still find moving around to sew a bit chuggy. So I thought I'd give paper backing a try. I decided against newspaper, as I thought I'd probably end up covering my fabric and myself in print, but used some very thin paper, and it was fab. I couldn't believe how much easier I found it to manoeuvre the material around the machine. Then I thought, why not try printing on the fabric and using that as a template for my stitching. And here is the result

Ta dah!
I'm not sure I'll do quite so much text in future designs - I really love the overall design (if you can call it that), but on the other hand one of the things that I love generally about this medium is the freehand appearance.

They're available in the shop now

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  1. I love it. the text, the colours and the words, they are perfect :)