Please don't eat the daisies

lately I've kind of lost the love for my sewing machine. Well, not my machine so much, and not even sewing so much, but more the silly arrangement where my crafting cupboard and my machine are at opposite ends of the house. Today, I mustered some enthusiasm to start sewing, went upstairs to use the iron, came downstairs and realised I'd forgotten the fabric, went upstairs and realised I'd forgotten the scissors, went back upstairs from collecting the scissors and had somehow lost the fabric, then went downstairs again and threw a strop. I wish I was joking, as it's been a while since I was a teenager.

I've been resisting giving up the guest bedroom to make a craft room for some time - I just can't reconcile doing so in my own mind, but I decided (once I'd picked up all of my toys) that there could surely be some kind of compromise, so after a bit of pondering, decided to shuffle around a bit of furniture, relocate a chest of drawers to the boys room, and then put a desk up in the guest room, so it can be a craft room as well. Then I sat down to sew, and or the first time in ages, just enjoyed doing nothing in particular, other then just see what I could come up with

These daisies are what happened when I did. It's not a masterpiece by any means, but I had fun.

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