I've had my eye on this ikea bedlinen set for a little while now. The scribble print is very reminiscent of the Virr Varr formica print of which I am so fond. I didn't necessarily want it for bedding you understand, but nevertheless I couldn't quite justify buying it to chop up. Imagine how happy I was then, to find a set in the bargain corner for the princely sum of £3. That's right £3! I will now have no qualms whatsoever in chopping into this, and I think this little quartet is just a perfect project waiting to happen

...if I can ever bring myself to cut into the OK fabric that is.

As this is supposed to be a crafting blog, I realised that I've been quite negligent in mentioning anything to do with craft recently. Mainly - sadly - because I haven't really been doing much. Things are set to change on that front though; I really have no excuses now that I have my own craft area set up, which has just made it about a million times easier to sit down and do anything. I've found a very small but very lovely craft market that I'm going to get a stall in, and I've decided to join in the Folksy monthly listing group to help me build up stock for it. I've also realised that - having put a lot of thought into my branding, to ensure I didn't limit myself in terms of the market I would appeal to - I have placed myself into a bit of a niche in only producing childrens goods. So I've decided to open up my options a bit more, to spread my wings and to produce a bit more of a variety of things. I've been playing about with my machine over the last few days, just to see what happens really, and I think this little chap might be putting in a bit more of an appearance soon


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