Work In Progress Wednesday

there be pirates

I've been trying to put together a new pirate stationery pack for the past few days. I'm not quite feeling the love yet.. I can't quite put my finger on what I need to do, but it needs a bit more work yet. Or maybe to be left alone for a few days (if that makes sense).

I'm desperate to get a bit more stock into my shop and am thinking of aiming for the October Folksy listing club - what are peoples experiences of doing this? Is it a good, bad or mad idea?! I'm thinking - once I've got the extra stock together - that it might be worth spreading my wings a little and opening up another online shop, so I'd also love any comments on peoples experiences of how different sites (etsy/misi/big cartel) have worked for them in terms of sales. Talking of comments, I'd like to apologise to anyone who has kindly left me a comment if I haven't responded (an I've been pretty tardy about doing so, so chances are I haven't) I promise to try harder!

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