Folksy Friday

I've been struggling to think of an idea for my Folksy Friday theme all week, then this morning I found inspiration right outside my window. It's looking positively autumnal today... just the kinds of weather where a big snuggly scarf is the order of the day. I'm absolutely terrible at knitting. Admittedly, I haven't tried for some time, but every time I do, I inextricably end up with enormous holes in the middle of whatever I try to make. To such an extent that even people who can knit, can't quite understand how I've managed such a feat. I therefore have a lot of admiration for people who are able to produce lovelies like these

This is from Miss Freckles. I love it. (I love the shop name too!) I can just imagine myself all cosied up and warm wearing it

This flap scarf from Dolly Knits is also seriously cute. I just love those pom poms

Isn't this collar scarf from Rhea Clements divine? I love how different it looks each time one of the buttons is undone

Lest the Frenchman forgets I actually have a neck, I've also spied this lovely delicate vintage scarf from From Frankie. Very pretty.
Lately, I've noticed myself posting slightly too regularly for comfort about things I have bought and collected ostensibly for the Boy, are perhaps a tiny weeny bit for myself. With this in mind, perhaps he deserves a lovely snuggly scarf all of his own. This cattepillar from Sara Carr might be just the job.

We're off to visit friends in Yorkshire for a few days and then (uugh) I'm back to work on Monday. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend x


  1. You could always put your head through the hole of your knitted creations! ;op
    That cowl is yummy! And much cuteness with the caterpillar- are you sure it wouldn't be for you?

  2. Thank you for putting my cowl in this weeks collection, I love Dolly Knits pom poms too!

  3. I love Miss Freckles double cowl scarf, really beautiful and practical too!

    Natalie x

  4. Lovely snuggly Folksy Friday!! Great choices - bring on the snow!

  5. Thank you for including my collar scarf! And along side such gorgeous pieces!

  6. I do love a cosy neck item! I have been eyeing up the Rhea Clements ones for a while :) I am also digging the one from Miss Freckles :)