a sneak preview

after deciding to repurpose a corner of the guest room for crafting yesterday, I went straight out, fast as a fast thing, and bought a desk and some storage. I was half expecting my ikea boxes to clutter the house for weeks to come, because there was quite a bit of furniture shifting to be done, but we got on and made a start on it this afternoon. We (that's the royal me, meaning the Frenchman) still need to put up a shelf above the desk, so it's not the finished article yet, but ... tah dah

It's looking a bit sparse at the moment, but I'll work on that. I felt a bit mean moving a gigantic chest of drawers - that previously lived in this corner- into the Boys room , because it just seemed so enormous compared to the rest of his furniture. We'd also gone to quite some lengths before he arrived to paint all of his wooden furniture a matching off white (if you've ever sanded, primed and painted a cot, you'll know that this was quite a mission) but I most definitely can't bring myself to paint this addition as it's so lovely and old. After moving it in though, and standing back a few times to ponder, I decided that I actually prefer how the room looks now ... there's lucky. It did all seem to be a bit jammed in there, so I decided to move out the componibili cupboard that you can just see in the pic above. I'm trying to build the Boy a collection of modern furniture, which I hope he'll appreciate in years to come, and have also invested in an Eames rocker, but as both are white, and the cupboard has already met the wrath of a blue wax crayon, it's perhaps as well that they've been distributed to other rooms for the time being. I'll have to post pics of how his room looks another day, as he's sleeping now, and I aint gonna wake him for a photo!

I had a bit of a splurge in Habitat blitz earlier - and as well as getting the cute little desk lamp, picked up this lovely little box, which I thought would make the perfect addition to my new room. I really had to restrain myself not to buy a lot more, as they had a lot of lovely new things in there - but I think I'll have to get on with making and selling a few more things before I do that!

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  1. Isn't it great to have your own sewing/crafty space? I love it, but I must admit I work all around the house :S
    Love the Habitat box, I have seen in in other colours too but I haven't seen them in any Habitat shop.