work in progress

So, I decided to try and machine some really teeny birds, which I would then use to cover buttons. I had a picture in my minds eye of exactly the way they'd look, and exactly how I'd package them. I couldn't wait to make them. It was all a perfect plan. But then they didn't turn out right!

The problem was that I'd forgotten quite how small buttons actually are. It was impossible (for me at least) to do one of my more real looking birds, so I had to go for a more cartoony style one which I didn't like. And then I just got that horrible fidgety feeling in my fingers from working on something so small and fiddly (which probably sounds like a very odd thing to say unless you also experience this). When I got home from work today and took some pictures, I realised they weren't quite as bad as I'd remembered. I guess they're just not I was aiming for. But that's life - sometimes things just don't work out the way you plan!

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