Folksy Friday

No work for me today so I'm on full Mummy duty. YAY.
We started the morning by going to a fantastic stories and rhymes session at our local sure start centre - if you have a little person, and have a sure start centre nearby, please take advantage of them; So many people haven't heard about them or write them off for being for 'dodgy areas' but that simply isn't the case at all - they run fantastic activities for kids, which are generally completely free, and in my experience usually very undersubscribed because they're not very well advertised. Ok, I'll get of my soap box now... the reason I mentioned this is that I had a FF subject all lined up for today, but then saw another Mummy wearing a pair of earrings this morning, which were so lovely that I thought that today I would focus on


Firstly, I have to caveat this by saying that I'm going to look at small stud earrings; this lady was wearing a beautifully delicate, slightly dangly pair, which I suspect that in my ears would last about 2 minutes before the Boy decided to investigate and tug them out (she had two girls!).

A quick note - Sarah has contacted me to let me know that she will be showing her work at Made in Clerkenwell at Craft Central from November 25th-28th and would be happy to send anyone who is interested in attending the event some tickets - please leave a comment below or PM Sarah on Folksy


Right, I'm off to make the most of what's left of nap time - I should be stitching up some of my purses to finish and list, but I'm feeling in more of a machine embroidery mood, so we'll see!

Finally (cor, I've gone on a bit today) thank you to Catherine for featuring my safari stationery set in her lovely blog 100percentdelicate

Have a good weekend x


  1. Beautiful feature, I love the little button studs.
    Thank you :)

  2. Gorgeous picks - and thanks for including mine!!

  3. My favorite kind of earrings and its a gorgeous collection!

  4. Thanks for including my little whales! Lovely selection, I have a slight earrings obsession!
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