pick up a penguin

Whilst in London at the weekend, we paid a visit to the Design Museum. The Boy and I spent a fair proportion of our time there sitting in the coffee shop, thanks to the snooty curators seemingly being unimpressed at him making noise, however he (we) had a lot of fun waving at people walking along the Thames. I managed to keep myself away from the shop while we were there, but when we got home, I somehow found myself wanting a sneaky peak at the website. I was most excited when I stumbled across this:

Which I also found here

I must explain that a couple of years ago when I bought this book, I was quite taken by this picture

(apologies for the photo, you've no idea how long it's taken me to come up with this effort!)
Must be a bird thing again.
So another item has been added to my wish list, on the off-chance that I might strike it lucky and come across this print. I don't think I'd be too upset, even if I don't.

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