work in progress

Have I mentioned that I've been making some purses?! Yep, just checking. Here's the next batch underway:

A little wren and some oak leaves.. not really sold on the leaves yet - I'm thinking they might need some velvety ribbon or tweedy fabric to contrast.. but I don't have either at the moment!

Another wren and a flying gul

A fern (again, not sold - perhaps the contrasting Amy Butler fabric was a bad choice..) and a butterfly wasn't too sure about this until I added the ribbons and buttons, but I love it now!

And here are the linings... which I like almost as much as the outers!

All lined up and ready for assembly.. which I was planning to make a start on this evening, but then the sofa called!

Will be listing a few of these at the weekend.


  1. They're gorgeous. I really love the brown and blue one.

    By the way thanks for your comment on my blog post about the mad person the other day, it's such a weird situation. Thanks for your support.

    I have a giveaway on my blog at the moment, so do feel free to stop by and pop your name in the hat.

  2. I love seeing WIP! Looking great! Thanks for sharing