I spy with my little eye

I am a little bit obsessed with getting myself a piece of Cathrineholm enamelware. I happened to be browsing on ebay today and stumbled across a beauty similar to this

Simple but perfect. I think I'm in love.

If you haven't heard of Cathrineholm before, then you might recognise the lotus design.

I have seen lotus design saucepans and frying pans grace many a cooking magazine, which led to many months of crazed searching to find what on earth these beauties were, and where I could get myself one. In such situations I usually find my answer in ebay. Unfortunately I do not seem to be the only one harbouring desires for one of these lovelies, which means the pricing is usually prohibitive. (apart from those ones I only remember to bid on after the time is up which go for nothing... damn!) A girl can dream though.

On a different note, I have now started to add some purses to my shop.. please come and have a peak if you're on the look out for a stocking-filler. More will be added every few days.

Oh, and while I go off on a tangent, could I kindly request anyone who hasn't done so already to please vote for me here - thank you!

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