some Folksy finds..

I had a little bit of a shopping spree on Folksy last week. and my goodies have steadily been winding their way to me. I happened to read a post on the Folksy forum enquiring what people did with their scraps, and as a result, stumbled upon this lovely bag of leather scraps from HJD Crafts

As well as some smaller scraps, there are some really reasonably sized pieces of leather, all in beautiful colours, which it just so happens match these threads I picked up at the weekend perfectly. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?!

I also happened to notice a selection of vintage sewing items for sale in the shop too, which i felt it would be rude not to buy to prettify the printers tray on my sewing table. Here are a few of them:

Finally, I spied this amazing chopping board from Finkfurniture. All of their pieces are made from offcuts of wood that are produced in the furniture-making process. It's super-chunky, and super cool - I didn't know it was possible to love a chopping board this much!

My (never great) camera skills seem to have deserted me altogether today, so here is the picture that sold it to me that does it much more justice..

Finally, just a quick reminder, I'm running a giveaway .. if you haven't entered then please leave a comment.

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