hi ho, hi ho

after two and a half weeks off, it was back to work for me today. And let me tell you, 6:15 this morning HURT! It's been so lovely spending an unexpectedly extended break with the boys (thanks snow) that it was really quite a wrench going off to work this morning. This working mummy thing never stops sucking really. But the positive news is that I've dropped down my hours a little bit this year, so a bit less money, but more quality time at home, which can't be bad... I might even manage to reacquaint myself with my sewing machine if I'm not careful. Speaking of which, when I arrived home this evening, I was very excited to find that a recent ebay purchase had arrived; a 1974 dress/tunic Style sewing pattern. I've never attempted dress making before, but have been wanting to for absolutely ages. I'm afraid that i'm far too settled in my chair to venture out again to picture of it (yes, some may call this lazy, but may I remind you... 6:15) so that'll have to wait for another day, but now I'm sitting looking for fabric. Lovely.

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