I was brushing the Boys teeth the other evening, when I found that he'd cut not one but two eye teeth. Anyone with small children around will know that for this event to pass without sleepless nights (I do hope I'm not tempting fate by having said that) is something of a miracle, so I thought I really ought to share the love for amber necklaces. They're supposed to release natural anesthetics that not only help with teething, but also skin problems like eczema. I don't know whether they actually work, or if it's just a coincidence, but I'm a bit scared to take it off until he has a full set of gnashers, just in case. He's been wearing his since he was really ickle, so doesn't seem to notice it. but we do. Thanks for the sleep necklace!


  1. Oh, for painfree teething!

    We've had the odd night waking with screaming as the first ones cut. Just when we think she's reached a plateau of pain, she finds a whole new level...the poor plum.

  2. Heartbreaking isn't it? Poor little things. it's worth a try - I got our one on ebay, and I think it was only about £10, so probably only the equivalent of a few tubes of bonjella!

    I'm just off to Dorset Cereal to vote for your blog!