Friday find

I picked up this little lovely today for the princely sum of £2.

She needs a bit of tlc - if you look around the edges then someone's obviously robbed her of her frame, but I thought she'd fit right in around here. I now have an extra project on my hands in the form of learning how to clean up oil paintings (do I dare?!) I also have a second picture that I bought quite recently... I can't really tell you why I liked it, but I really loved the soft muted colours, and decided it could have a home with me too... I'm quite hospitable like that

I just love the fact that I've got two completely unique pieces of artwork for next to nothing...I find it mad to think that so many people are happy to opt for the safe option and adorn their walls with run of the mill high-street store prints, when there are little beauties like these lurking in charity and junk shops. Each to their own I guess...I'd be a sad world if we all liked the same thing... and on the bright side, it means all the more treasures for me to uncover!

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