I'm gradually building up a bit of a stash of all supplies, but I think it would be fair to say that sometimes the spontaneity of me being able to create and come up with new ideas is slightly hampered by the fact that if i want to make anything, I firstly have to go out and buy all of the constituent parts. As a result, I'm always on the look out for inexpensive ways of adding to my crafting store cupboard. I recently stumbled upon an ebay shop selling huge bundles of buttons and was really quite amazed at both the quantity, quality and variety that I was able to buy. Now they're all neatly organised by colour. I'm a bit - ok a lot - obsessive about that kind of thing (I also arrange my books by colour, much to the bemusement and infuriation of the Frenchman) I'm not generally inclined to hoarding tendencies, however they look like such lovely jars of jewels, that I'm really quite loathed to use them!

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