flipity flop

I treated my feet to these cute little flip flops from accessorize today. As the rest of me seems to be growing at quite a rate, and most maternity clothes are frankly a bit depressing, I figured these little lovelies would help to perk up my wardrobe a little.

Once again, I'm have to apologise for the decided lack of posting of late; although thankfully morning sickness is a thing of the past, I just don't seem to be able to shake off the constant feelings of tiredness that has plagued me since December (which needless to say is becoming a little wearing after 5 months)...I guess its' probably something to do with having a full time job and a nearly-two-year old to run after when I'm not working, and a family business which is under construction! As a result my sewing efforts have been frankly non-existent lately too. Although I've been feeling the sewing itch recently - I still have some cushions to make for our sitting room after the power drill incident, friends have just had a new arrival, which I think calls for some onesie embellishment, and perhaps some kind of nesting instinct is meaning that I constantly have the urge to beautify the house with lots of nice things. So hopefully I'll be able to start updating my blog again with a bit of work in progress, but even if i don't, I'll try and visit a little more frequently!

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