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I'm going to be moving house within the next few weeks, and have decided to try and have a clear-out rather than move everything with me. Here's a quick peek at what I'm going to be putting on ebay - but I thought I'd put a few pics up here first in case anyone feels like saving me the ebay fees! If you're interested in anything, leave a comment, or message me . I'll have a think about prices for things and edit the post, but feel free to leave me an offer!

Chapel chair (with bible holder on back) needs a bit of work, which I never quite got around to doing!

Pine Piano stool

Cream metal framed double bed with slient night matress (guest bed, so hardly used)

Two seater chesterfield - an ebay find - one of the arms drops down. I bought it to recover and never got around to it - the person I bought it from said it had been covered in and resprung within the last 5 years, so functionally it's fine, and perhaps not quite such a snotty colour as this picture would suggest!

Shoe last (one only)

I've also been stockpiling Orla Kiely fabric - as I can never quite bring myself to cut into it, it seems a bit silly just to keep it for ever more, so I'm going to let it go! All pieces are 1/4m unless otherwise stated.
Classic stem print

Stone and orange scribble stem print (1/2 m)


Green carpark

Retro Flower

Please let me know if there's anything you're interested in!

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  1. Where abouts are you? Love your Chapel Chair...